Hitachi SL702 Lens

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Hitachi SL702 Lens

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The Hitachi SL-702 Standard Throw Motorized Projector Lens works with the Hitachi X8150, X8160, WX8240, WX8255, SX8350, WUX8440, and WUX8450 projectors. It projects well-defined, vivid images so everyone will be able to see your presentation. It features a motorized focus and zoom.

Hitachi SL-702 Specs

Lens TypeStandard throw lens
Focal Length13mm
Focus Range23.6″ (599.4mm)
Throw RatioCP-X8150: 1.5-2.3
CP-X8160: 1.2-1.8
CP-X8170: 1.2-1.8
CP-SX8350: 1.2-1.8
CP-WX8240A: 1.6-2.4
CP-WX8255A: 1.3-1.9
CP-WX8265: 1.3-1.9
CP-WU8440: 1.3-1.9
CP-WU8450: 1.3-1.9
CP-WU8460: 1.3-1.9