Panasonic PT-DZ21KEJ Projector

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WUXGA, 20000 Lumens

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The PT-DZ21KE is part of Panasonic’s flagship PT-DZ21K projector series, and offers breathtakingly beautiful images, easy maintenance, and reliable operation.20,000 lumens of brightness, and a host of rich creative capabilities, are packed into an extraordinarily compact body; with every feature designed and developed to meet the projection needs of highly critical professionals, across the full spectrum of applications.Contrast, depth, and clarity are integral to the PT-DZ21KE. Its four-lamp system enables stable extended operation, with quad, triple, dual and single-lamp modes allowing for continual projection, 24/7. This projector also boasts stunning 3D projection capabilities, offering both passive and active 3D projection system compatibility for the viewing of 3D images.

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