Panasonic PT-JW130GBE Space Player Projector – Black

£1,705.00 - Exc. VAT (£2,046.00 Inc. VAT)

Installation also available

WXGA, 1000 Lm, Laser 1DLP – (1.5-3.3:1) – Fits into Lighting Rail, up to 20.000hrs maintenance free- Black

Panasonic’s hybrid lighting solution combines the functions of traditional lighting and video projectors, for use in retail, museums and restaurants. The Panasonic PT-JW130GBE Space Playerâ„¢ possesses both lighting and laser projection functions in a single spotlight-shaped design, which attaches to standard lighting rails to make installation and relocation easy. It can be used to create appealing exhibits in museums by using moving pictures instead of static graphics, or perhaps in a restaurant where it could be used to create a ‘wow factor’ by projecting the menu on to the wall or table.

The Space Player means you can easily integrate projection into the existing lighting infrastructure, without the need to plan for a separate, costly system.

The Space Player can project in all directions below its horizontal axis and can be used in conjunction with SD cards, PCs, and tablets for play back of contents. The use of laser light source means 20,000 hours of maintenance free operation.

PT-JW130 Space Player Integrated Projector and Lighting Function

Projection lighting presents and displays with creativity and originality. As well as spotlighting objects brightly, the PT-JW130 Series can project video or still images very clearly on or around the subject. This combination of illumination and projection is an effective way to attract attention in retail spaces, restaurants, and more.

Attractively illuminate food and project images of ingredients, menu information, or scenery in restaurants
Illuminate artwork and exhibits; project associated information in galleries or museums
Present products in natural-looking light and display product information and other promotional media
Compact spotlight-type design harmonizes with most interior designs
Flexible Installation and Portability
Simple cable duct box for easy installation, removal, and relocation
Flexible and portable lighting design irradiates all directions below horizon (also compatible with Portrait Mode)
Wide range of selectable video inputs including SD card, HDMI, wired and wireless LAN
Lighting Mode for use as spotlight (operation with wireless remote controller)