Panasonic PT-VZ585NEJ Projector

£1,440.00 - Exc. VAT (£1,728.00 Inc. VAT)

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5,000 Lumens, WUXGA, Contrast 16.000:1

Panasonic PT-VZ585NEJ Projector

Enjoy bright images in many everyday settings with the Panasonic PT-VZ585NEJ 5000-Lumen WUXGA 3LCD Projector. Its 5000 lumens of brightness and 16,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio will work together to overcome light in relatively bright rooms and provide detail in dark areas of the image. It sports a 1920 x 1200 WUXGA native resolution for viewing HD video and detailed pictures or data. The projector’s 1.09 to 1.77:1 throw ratio and 1.6x manual zoom provide a range of throw distances for focused images.

The PT-VZ585NEJ features RCA composite video, two HDMI, and two VGA inputs to connect to nearly any device, plus a number of projection methods over Wi-Fi. Its analog audio input and output will allow you to pass sound through the projector to your sound system of choice, and one VGA input can instead act as an output to daisy-chain multiple projectors or displays together. The PT-VZ585NEJ is controllable via the included remote control or Ethernet, with various control software options.

Choose Your Connection

The PT-VZ585NEJ works in permanent or portable applications. It includes a DIGITAL LINK single-cable solution and has built-in dual-band Wi-Fi for wireless content transmission from any compatible device.

Multi-Platform Support

Wireless casting is available for most smart devices, from Mac and Windows to iOS and Android systems. Solutions include free apps and software, support for other media dongles, plug-and-share applications that enable wireless projection with USB memory device pairing with the projector, and more.


Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast works for both Windows and Android devices, and allows you to transmit audio, video, still images, and web media at full size (1:1 display ratio). PIN protection and exclusive moderator modes enhance security. Duplicate Mode mirrors your device’s screen on the projector screen, Extend Mode allows the projector to act as an extended desktop, and Second Screen Only Mode disables your computer’s screen while the projector alone shows your content.

Memory Viewer

Simply load your images and video onto a USB memory stick and plug it into the projector. It supports a range of formats, including Full HD video and still images, and helps ensure a professional presentation. A graphical user interface (GUI) helps assure a smooth presentation.

Designed for Failsafe Transmission

To ensure confidential information isn’t mistakenly transmitted to another display, users can enter a PIN code before casting media via Miracast.

Selectable Channels

Selectable 5/2.4 GHz channels are offered to provide a stable connection in rooms with network congestion or radio interference.

Moderator Mode and Cut-In Function

Three modes allow the meeting chair to choose which participants’ devices may display or present content uninterrupted over Miracast. Exclusive Mode allows one device to connect to prevent interruptions to solo presentations. Interactive Mode enables open chairing, and up to 10 users can project at any time for open collaboration. Moderated Mode allows the chairperson to control media display permission for up to 10 participants.

Universal Device Support with Panasonic Apps

Panasonic offers free applications for smartphones, tablets, and personal computers that enable a 3-step connection to get your media onto the big screen. A plug-and-share feature allows you to cast from your computer without software or driver installation.

Plug and Share

Insert a USB memory device into the projector’s USB port to copy configuration setting files and an application. Plug the memory device into your computer, click the player icon, and transmit video and stills wirelessly to the projector without software or network setup.

Wireless Manager ME 6.4

The included Panasonic Wireless Manager software for Mac and Windows lets you cast media from your computer via a wireless LAN with a host of display options.

Wireless Projector Apps

Dedicated apps for iOS and Android devices feature a 3-step initial connection and support a variety of media and business document transmission. These apps also allow SSID and key information to be obtained via a projected QR code, further helping to save setup time.

Multi-Projector Mode

Applications for computers, iOS, Android, and the optional Easy Wireless Stick dongle support Multi-Projector Mode, which enables media display from up to 16 different devices in a split-screen configuration. You can also transmit content from one computer to up to eight projectors or displays.

Single-Cable DIGITAL LINK Connection

DIGITAL LINK transmits uncompressed video, audio, and control commands through a single Cat 5e or higher STP cable for distances up to 492′ in Long Reach Mode. The optional DIGITAL LINK Switcher or Digital Interface Box reduces cabling and associated costs by connecting multiple source devices and transmitting signals to the projector via a single cable.

Supports IEEE802.1X Protocol

Only authenticated users can connect to the IEEE802.1X network (EAP over LAN), preventing access by unauthorized users. This is enabled for wired or wireless LAN connections.

Designed for Bright, High-Quality Images

The WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution native to the PT-VZ585NU brings HD imagery to meeting spaces and classrooms for immersive viewing. With 5000 lumens of brightness and a dynamic contrast ratio of 16,000:1, your audience will enjoy legible text and detailed colors.

6-Color Adjustment and Color Correction Functions

Users can correct for slight color variations in the reproduction range of individual projectors set up for multi-projection. This is particularly useful for side-by-side configurations; large images can be seamlessly presented in auditoriums and boardrooms.

Low-Maintenance Design

The PT-VZ585NEJ is designed for enhanced efficiency. Its air filter replacement cycle is up to 7000 hours, and the filter can be washed and reused twice to minimize waste. Lamp life is also extended to 7000 hours in ECO2 Mode, meaning part replacement can be performed together to reduce downtime.

Daylight View Basic

This technology is designed to deliver sharp, comfortably viewed images by enhancing fine details, particularly in dark areas of the image, which are typically difficult to see in brightly lit rooms. A built-in sensor measures ambient light while Daylight View Basic (when set to AUTO Mode) adjusts halftone color and brightness to suit ambient illumination.

Designed for Quiet Operation

The projector’s technologies combine to keep noise levels down to just 29 dB in ECO2 Mode, so the sound of the cooling fan is hardly noticeable, helping to keep attention focused on the presentation and video scenes.

1.6x Zoom Lens and Lens Shift Function

The zoom lens allows you to project from a range of distances from tabletops or ceilings. Use the vertical lens shift to adjust the image position without distortion.

Designed for Quick Lamp and Filter Replacement

To reduce hassle, the filter can be replaced via the side and the lamp from the top of the projector, so there’s no need to remove the projector from its ceiling mount for periodic maintenance.

Auto Screen Image Rotation

Images can automatically be rotated depending on installation orientation – upside down from the ceiling or set on a table – using a built-in angle sensor.

Horizontal, Vertical, and Corner Keystone Correction

Horizontal, vertical, and corner keystone correction adjusts the image shape for clear visibility when projecting off-axis or from an unusual angle.

Optional Easy Wireless Stick

Supporting a suite of features and eliminating the need for software installation, the optional Easy Wireless Stick dongle lets you plug and project from your computer nearly instantly. After a one-time initial setup, projection is automatic, and the device will display images from up to 16 computers at once and is compatible with Windows 10.

Additional Features

– Direct power off

– Built-in 10W speaker

– ECO management function

– Whiteboard and blackboard mode

– Emulation mode

– Crestron Connected, AMX DD, and PJ Link compatible

– Designed for easy monitoring and control over LAN

– Auto input signal search

– Early warning software compatible (optional)

– Startup logo function

– Presentation support function

– Auto standby mode

– Digital zoom function

– Anti-theft features